Joint Health

100% NZ Greenshell Mussel
(4 customer reviews)

Dietary Supplement
150 Capsules / 500mg Each


New Zealand Greenshell Mussel powder is recognised as one of the most effective joint and mobility ingredients available on the market today.

AiOra™ Joint Health supplement advantages:

  • Guaranteed 10% total lipid content.
  • Manufactured using techniques to provide the highest levels of essential Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA & DHA.
  • Joint support
  • 100% natural, 100% New Zealand ingredients, 100% sustainable ,100% traceable
  • Non GMO, No additives
  • May contribute to the growth of new cartilage in damaged joints

Learn more about the benefits of taking  AiOra Joint Health supplement here.

100% Made in New Zealand, 100% Traceable, New Zealand Owned and Operated, Additive and Excipient Free, Non GMO
Rich in naturally occurring bioactive compounds

4 reviews for Joint Health

  1. Rod

    I haven’t been a great supplement taker but have been recommended these by a workmate and I really do think these make a difference. Hoping for continued improvement.

  2. Dave1

    Substantial improvement

    I had major back surgery 20+ years ago and have taken different natural products over the years to help. After speaking to a well informed Chemist Warehouse staff member in-store, who pointed out the lipid content is higher than others, I switched to these 2 months ago and the improvement has been substantial!

  3. Stephen

    Excellent product
    Purity is key in ocean sourced products. This is the only brand I trust.

  4. Terry Ellis

    I have found the Joint Health Greenshell Mussel supplement easy to take and palatable. After 1 month of taking the supplement I have felt positive effects in my ankles, knees and lower back with reduced stiffness, pain and inflammation, and improved flexibility. Looking forward to continued improvement.

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