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The green kiwifruit is said to be one of the most nutrient dense fruits in the world. In fact, New Zealand grown kiwifruit has almost twice the levels of antioxidants in their skin as those grown in the USA or parts of Europe.

AiOra™ Gut + Brain is made using the trademarked ingredient PhenActiv™ - a specialised blend of both the concentrated seedless pulp of the kiwifruit and the skin, ensuring as much of the beneficial nutrition as possible is retained. AiOra™ Gut + Brain is 100% freeze dried New Zealand kiwifruit from the Bay of Plenty. It acts as a premium digestive health enhancer and antioxidant.

AiOra™ Gut + Brain Advantages:

  • Natural digestive health enhancer with antioxidant properties
  • Contains kiwifruit skin, a concentrated source of phytonutrients and dietary fibre
  • No artificial additives, Non GMO, 100% natural, no additives or excipients
  • No gluten, wheat, dairy or soy, Vegan friendly, Non GMO

Learn more about the benefits of taking AiOra Gut + Brain supplement here.

100% Made in New Zealand, 100% Traceable, New Zealand Owned and Operated, Additive and Excipient Free, Non GMO

8 reviews for Gut + Brain

  1. Caroline Hempel Ringham

    IAwesome product got mine from the chemist warehouse Hamilton..sadly it is out of stock ..ordered some on line from you yesterday hope to recrecreceive it very soon..

  2. Mandi Matheson

    Part of my daily ritual to keep my total body wellness in balance alongside my busy active lifestyle as a twin mum!

  3. Carolyn

    Since taking Gut & Brain I’ve noticed an improvement with my digestion & regularity. Would recommend.

  4. Charlie

    This product helped sooth my stomach from symptoms of IBS and reduced feelings of stomach cramps.

  5. Carrie H

    Works well with no added sugars!

    Great product to assist with bowel function that has NO ADDED SUAGR. Easy to take, worked well. I have switched from another brand and am now taking daily. Would highly recommend!

  6. Flatley

    Since starting to take AiOra Gut + Brain I’ve noticed a positive difference in my gut health and regularity. I’ve found taking the recommended dose of Gut + Brain every day is more effective than just eating normal kiwifruit or taking other bowel health supplement brands because it is more potent. Would highly recommend!

  7. Tracey

    The older I get the less reliable my bowels are. I have been taking Phloe with reasonable results. When I came across Gut +Brain I decided to try it for a week then Phloe for a week. Gut+Brain seemed to work better and definitely kept me regular.

  8. Katherine Ellis

    For several years I have suffered from digestion issues and have endeavoured to eat a kiwifruit a day to stimulate movement. Always having a ripe kiwifruit on hand is a hassle. They are often very hard when you buy them and take days to soften and then quite quickly they can become over ripe. For me, ‘Gut + Brain’ has taken the hassle out of consuming kiwifruit while still benefiting from its digestive properties. Quite soon after taking a daily dose of Gut + Brain, I noticed a definite improvement and regularity in my gut health.

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