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Collagen Calcium Complex
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AiOra™ Bone + Joint is made up of a complex matrix of collagen proteins, bone proteins, calcium and essential amino acids. The collagen contains the 8 essential building blocks required for muscle growth, repair and development.

Ageing results in loss of bone density, muscle mass (sarcopenia) and deterioration of joints. 

AiOra™ Bone + Joint Advantages:

  • Provide building blocks for optimal bone mineral density.
  • Naturally occurring bone and cartilage proteins
  • Type I, II and III collagen
  • Manufactured from 100% New Zealand ingredients
  • No additives, Non GMO, 100% natural, 100% pure, 100% traceable

Learn more about the benefits of taking  AiOra Bone + Joint supplement here.

100% Made in New Zealand, 100% Traceable, New Zealand Owned and Operated, Additive and Excipient Free, Non GMO

15 reviews for Bone + Joint

  1. Vicki

    Been taking this product for my bones as I have very bad arthritis. However I have noticed how much better my skin is too. Would definitely recommend this product

  2. Leann

    Love this product! I had very brittle nails, I’ve been taking this for 4 weeks and my nails are hard as rocks!

  3. Sydney

    Have been taking for only 3 weeks and already noticed a massive difference in nail quality and growth. Excited to see the positive effects carry on!

  4. Carolyn

    My nails that were previously strong were becoming more brittle with age & breaking easily.. After taking Bone & Joint they returned to their previous strength, and stopped breaking. Can totally recommend.

  5. Chris

    For many years I have been dealing with damaged hair and easily chipped nails , after using this product for 3 months I have noticed a huge improvement and I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to add a collagen supplement to their day! My achy joints feel so much more relaxed and I will definitely continue to use this product.

  6. Kat

    I just finished my first month taking this product. I have seen an improvement in my knee joints. I look forward to more improvement as I continue to take this collagen. I, like other reviewers, have noticed improvement in skin, hair, and especially my nails. For decades I enjoyed very healthy nails. Then, several years ago my nails started breaking easily, splitting and I got these awful white spots on my nails. The white spots meant the texture under those spots was like tissue paper. I am very pleased to see that those white spots are no longer a problem and my nails are strong and healthy.

  7. Kym

    I have been using this product for a month now for my sore joints and I am positive they have
    been less sore. I’m about to order another bottle

  8. Sam

    I bought this purely for my hair, skin and nails. I noticed a difference after 4 weeks. My hair sheds much less and there’s less breakage, my skin is less dehydrated and my nails are much stronger. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a collagen supplement!

  9. Carrie H

    Collagen and Calcium!

    I have been regularly using Aioras Kiwifruit supplement, and discovered this product on shelf. It has both Calcium and Collagen, great for us lady’s!! I have been taking for about 7 weeks and have noticed I now need to cut my nails once a week and my eyelashes are longer – literally!!

  10. Jenni

    I have just ordered my next three bottles of AiOra Bone & Joint. I have been taking this for the past three months and have come to the realisation that my ongoing lower back pain has greatly improved. There is also as others have mentioned the additional benefit of skin,nail and hair revitalising. Would definitely recommend.

  11. Bang123

    Great product!
    I bought this product for its collagen content. My hair, skin, lashes and nails look so much healthier since taking this everyday and the extra support for my joints is an added bonus. The fact it is grown and made in New Zealand means I trust this brand to provide a high quality product without any nasties or fillers. Would highly recommend.

  12. Rosio

    On Saturday I purchased a further supply of AiOra Bone + Joint as I have been taking it daily now for 6 months and it is my ‘must-take’ supplement. Initially I started taking it for my joints but bonus side-effects include the impact of collagen on my skin, nails and hair.

  13. G Stretch

    Noticeable difference in my skin!
    After using for two months I have received comments about my skin looking fresher and my knees are less clunky.

  14. Rachel

    A great product! Several years ago I was diagnosed with a bone disease and the aching in my bones and discomfort usually wakes me several times a night. Since taking Bone + Joint my sleep patterns have improved with fewer wake-ups and the aching has noticeably reduced. As a bonus side-effect, people have commented that my skin looks more youthful and my hair looks softer and has a healthy shine to it.

  15. Helena

    My nails have never grown faster and stronger!

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