The story so far

With more than thirty years’ experience in the business of nutraceutical ingredient manufacture for global markets, we turned our attention to New Zealand and Australia and noticed something was amiss… the bulk of the product on the shelves (with a few notable exceptions) were made from imported raw materials. Furthermore, there is no real traceability or visibility in terms of the country of origin of the ingredients.

Knowing how successful our range of ingredients were internationally, it seemed incongruous that the domestic market was not placing the same importance on quality, traceability and efficacy.

We are passionate about what we make and wanted to ensure that not only was it available in Australasia, but available in formats that reflected the values of the ingredients we make. More than that – we wanted to make sure it was delivered in efficacious doses.

In the end – we decided if it was going to be done properly, we best do it ourselves…

So we made AiOra™.

The Difference

To us the essence of the AiOra™ brand is the authenticity – not just made in New Zealand, but made in New Zealand from ingredients manufactured in New Zealand, from raw materials grown, farmed, harvested in New Zealand and its surrounding marine territory.